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  • Welcome to visit Beijing Beihua New Rubber Special Material Technology Co., Ltd.官網網站!



    address:Room 215, North Anhua Building, No. 8 Yinghua West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    電話:+86 13810696297(綜合業務部經理 賀磊) 

    Filing number application


    Contact information

    Address: North Anhua Building, No. 8 Yinghuayuan West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Phone: +86-010-64442309

    Fax: +86-010-64439746-801

    Mobile: +86 17600359771 (TPV Business Department Manager-Liu Chuanliang)

                +86 15811161985 (Manager of Conductive Adhesive Department-Yao Xu)

         +86 15810385199 (Manager of Conductive Adhesive Department-Qi Lei)

                +86 18511501250 (Conductive Adhesive Department Manager-Jin Qian)

        +86 18801152738 (Manager of Compounding Department-Shi Feng)

        +86 13911621172 (Manager of Compounding Department-Wenke)

    mailbox:1731818091@qq.com   Jack MA Trade commissioner


    contact us

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