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  • Welcome to visit Beijing Beihua New Rubber Special Material Technology Co., Ltd.官網網站!



    address:Room 215, North Anhua Building, No. 8 Yinghua West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    電話:+86 13810696297(綜合業務部經理 賀磊) 

    Filing number application



    Packer cartridge


    The packer is an important part in oil extraction, and plays a role of sealing in the process of oil extraction. Since its working environment is a downhole high temperature environment, the packer rubber cylinder is required to have strong high temperature resistance, oil resistance and excellent pressure resistance. We use imported raw materials (HNBR) to make packer rubber cylinders with good oil resistance and heat resistance; excellent chemical corrosion resistance; excellent ozone resistance, high compression and permanent deformation resistance; also High strength, high tear performance, wear resistance and other characteristics. In a variety of high-temperature and high-pressure downhole environments, it has shown good performance. Under relatively harsh experimental conditions, it has passed the verification test conducted by the national authority in the Zhongyuan Oilfield, and completed the 863 project acceptance in 2006. Our packer rubber barrels are widely used in major oil fields and packer manufacturers.



    Product Center

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